Rural India Tour

The villages of India hold their own distinct charm. They have a special attraction in their simplicity and traditional lifestyle.

Indulge Tours India has very special Village Tour that very few people can offer. We organize your visit to the village where you experience the true Indian spirit and enjoy their daily activities and rituals. It is also a great way to get out of city and enjoy the simple life, with fresh air in beautiful surroundings.

The Village Tour gives you a unique glimpse of life in the Indian villages.

Our tour guide will explain to you:
1. their beliefs
2. their customs
3. the role of women
4. their superstitions
5. their religion
6. problems that they face

You will also be able to interact with the villages with the assistance of your tour guide. You will get an exclusive and matchless peak into the world of villagers - the way they live, cook food, there culture and traditions that will leave a distinct impression on your mind.